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A different childhood is a book written by Iris Johansson, an autistic woman from Sweden, which I have translated into English. I am the grandfather of an autistic boy, Ian, and Iris’ book opened such an amazing window for me into the surreal world of an autistic child’s mind that I decided to spend a year to translate it so that Ian’s parents could read it and have the benefit of its insights in interpreting Ian’s behaviors and needs.  With the verbal capability she has acquired as an adult Ms Johansson describes with eloquence, and almost impressionistic expressiveness, her childhood’s mental images and experiences, interwoven with colorful descriptions of the frustrating, sometimes frightening behavior her family experienced. The parallel pictures of her inner world perceptions and her external behavior make A different childhood almost a dictionary of autism, which can help parents and caregivers interpret the meaning of their child’s wordless expressions.

The blog will contain things like:

Excerpts from the book,  How the book came about,  Compare and contrast with other books.

Discussion about Iris, her childhood worlds, her synesthesia, her out-of-body like experiences, her and her father’s struggle to break out of her communications prison.

Discussion about Autism, Identity issue, Impulse to speak, What it hints about how the brain works, and whatever else I find interesting and topical


Iris today

The book has just been published in English and is now available on Amazon in paper and kindle from the publisher at                       :http://www.inkwellproductions.com/differnt_childhood.htm

or from Amazon in paper or Kindle form at: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=a+different+childhood



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